Welcome to our Bitcoin and Everything Blockchain Training Overview:

Make Money With Bitcoin

The World is Changing; and it is all about getting the education you need for the changing times. It is about Decentralization of Databases, Banking, Ledgers, and solving the Problems of the World. This is becoming the largest redistribution of Wealth ever realized. And we are about to show you the way. We are Rory Ricord. A growing group of Students and Mentors teaching and leading the way for anyone to better themselves. Through education and knowledge to be able to earn money online, and to be a part of something huge. We will get started with the Questions relating to Bitcoin and Everything Blockchain.

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What is the Blockchain?
  • How are these Cryptocurrencies going to affect things?
  • What is in it for those that take advantage?
  • How does the Blockchain Work?
  • What is the Blockchain all about?

All of this and more is about to be shown to you. And whether you are looking to just get information or looking to gain in the Business of being a part of this Huge Revolution in Currencies and Technologies, you are about to get access to it all.

Make Money With BitcoinFIRST – The best way to get into the Learning Mode is to have something to be a part of:

Here are two completely FREE GIFTS and the best way to get started. This will allow us to get you in understanding Cryptocurrencies, the Mining (or Minting) of Cryptocurrencies; and all while letting you earn (by being part of Proof Of Work) in order to earn Bitcoin in the process.

Make Money With BitcoinOUR GIFT TO YOU #1: Go Here and Enroll For Free.

You will want to be sure to keep track of your login information as this could be worth Thousands of Dollars to you as you follow our training. You do not want to lose access to it.


Make Money With BitcoinSecond – Now that you are Registered, and already “Earning”, it is Time for Another Gift that will Set you up for additional earnings in Crypto and a basis for Education:

When it comes to dealing with Cryptocurrencies you need to learn how they are used, accessed, and exchanged for other Cryptocurrencies as well as transferred to FIAT (or Local Cash Currency).

Make Money With Bitcoin

OUR GIFT TO YOU #2: Go Here and Enroll For Free.

This will be a learning tool as well as a fully functional tool for you to utilize your Cryptocurrencies with. Detailed training will show you and teach you how this is done and accessed.

Once you Get your Account Set Up. Be sure to keep your Login Information Secure and Safe. This is as crucial as your Bank Account information. This is a Wallet Account. Useful in transferring FIAT into Cryptocurrencies, and Vice Versa.

NOTE: When you start to Use this Account you will be able to receive an Activation Gift of $10 in Bitcoin.

THIRD – This is where you can enter the World of Bitcoin, and Everything Blockchain:

Now you are set up with an Introduction to Cryptocurrency Mining, and a Wallet to Access Cryptocurrency with. There are even more GIFTS in store for you, and if you are looking to just get an education and get some Cryptocurrency along the way, Great! And if you are looking to create a Career or create options for Financial Rewards within this New Changing World of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain (Or anything in-between) you are welcome to get Started with our Training Course for Bitcoin and Everything Blockchain.

Your Lifetime Membership to the Bitcoin and Everything Blockchain Training Center; comes complete with:

  • Exclusive Student Access to our Bitcoin and Everything Blockchain Training
  • 7 days a week access to Training Support via Telephone, Skype, EMail and Text
  • Specialist Consultation to set up your Training with a Mentor to Support you in your Training. This is 1 on 1 Support.
  • Start Learning immediately about Cryptocurrency, Crypto-Mining, and how to be a part of it.
  • Get immediately Access to Exclusive Training with new Blockchain Technologies. Be in the know, so you can be positioned to Gain. Knowledge is Power.

Our Normal Price for the Lifetime Membership is $495.00. Though this Web Promotion we are offering a Special Offer for a Limited Time. Once we no longer have available Mentors, we will no longer be accepting Students at this Low, Low Special Offer of just $97.

ACT NOW and Get It Today for just $97. (ONE-TIME FEE). The sooner you begin, the sooner you can start gaining with the power of the Education, and Access to Exclusive Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Training and Programs.

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You have nothing to lose, and everything to Gain. Simply get the information, training and ongoing access to the New Things coming out; and be positioned for Success.


*The SmartMiner Program is only for 64 Bit Operating Systems on a PC. In the situation where you are not using a 64 bit Operating System; or only have an Apple Computer. Then Register, and for now hold off on the SmartMiner Download. In the training we will show you how you can still benefit (in some way greatly) with what we have to teach you.